Gap antennas

Gapwaves offers millimeter wave antennas for use in the V-band and E-band. Due to intrinsically low losses of the GAP waveguides the antennas offer high performance at minimum size.


  • Low profile and small size
  • Low losses (3-10 times lower than alternatives)
  • Tight integration with radio electronics
  • Enables digital beamforming

Application areas

Application areas are Gigabit wireless transfer, 5G backhaul, radio front haul, and automotive radars.


Gapwaves offers an easy-to-mount GAP flange adapter. By using the innovative GAP technology around the waveguides, the adapter removes the need of electrical contact and the need of screws.


  • Saves time when assembling measurement circuits
  • Low losses in high-frequency circuits
  • No electrical contact required

Application areas

For assembly of measurement circuits in laboratory and industrial applications.


The Eleven feed is a compact feed with a fixed phase center operating over an extremely wide band


  • Ultra Wide Band, typically BW > 10:1
  • Compact size
  • Fixed phase center
  • Nearly constant beam width
  • Nearly constant directivity (10-11 dBi over frequency range)

Application areas

The application areas of the Eleven feeds span from Radio Astronomy (cryogenic feed in reflector antennas), to Surveillance Systems and EMC test chambers

The Eleven feeds can be designed for several frequency bands, from 100 MHz to 20 GHz.


The self-grounded Bowtie is a versatile compact wideband dual-polarized antenna that can be used for single or multiple directions.


  • Wideband
  • Compact size
  • Dual-polarized
  • Low losses
  • Scalable (frequency range typically 400MHz – 9GHz)


Application areas

The compact size and dual-polarized characteristics of the Bowtie can be exploited in MIMO applications, e.g. micro base stations, as well as UWB radars and laboratory applications. The bowtie antenna is used in Bluetest’s Reverberation Test Systems.


Presentation at Aktiedagen Stockholm the 6th of March 2017

Mar 2017

Lars-Inge Sjöqvist presents Gapwaves AB at Aktiedagen in Stockholm 6th March 2017.

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Gapwaves is hiring

Oct 2016

Gapwaves is recruiting experienced professionals and top talents to join the team. For more information about the available positions, visit…

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Gapwaves is issuing new shares

Sep 2016

Gapwaves AB (publ) is now issuing new shares until October 10 2016, with a subsequent application for listing on First…

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