The patented GAP antenna provides world-leading wireless communication between base stations and in the next generations of mobile networks, 5G.

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The GAP waveguide technology is a new technology platform that has major advantages for use in millimeter wave to terahertz frequencies.

By using higher frequencies, the capacity and speed in the mobile networks can be increased with a factor 20.

The benefits of GAP waveguides

Gap flange adapters

For assembly of measurement circuits in laboratory and industrial applications

Gapwaves offers an easy-to-mount GAP flange adapter for the V-band. By using the innovative GAP technology around the waveguides, together with magnetic fasteners, the adapter removes the need of electrical contact and the need of screws.

Enabling beam steering

Gapwaves’ technology provides unique possibilities of creating electrically steerable antennas by integrating active components directly in the antenna structure. This means that the antennas automatically can align themselves, which reduces the cost of installation and maintenance. It also means that each antenna can steer its communication to reach several different antennas (point-to-multi-point) instead of just one pre-determined antenna (point-to-point). This will be of increasing significance in the coming years, not the least when introducing 5G.

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Entering Nasdaq

Gapwaves plans to go public in Q3/Q4 2016 by listing the company on the NASDAQ OMX First North. You can announce your interest to become a shareholder in Gapwaves.


Gapwaves acquires Comhat patent

Jun 2016

Gapwaves acquired the Comhat antenna patent from the owner company Kildal Antenn, which means that all antenna products in Kildal…

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Redesgined GAP antennas

May 2016

Redesign of the GAP antennas has been made during the spring and promising results in terms of performance as well…

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Swedish Microwave Days

Mar 2016

Gapwaves participated as an exhibitor in the Swedish Microwave Days in Linköping on March 15-16.

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